Freelance Work Experience








Production Coordinator: RDF Productions LLC / Universal

Steve Jobs”  (Feature Film)

Executive Producer: Bernie Bellew

Director: Danny Boyle

Unit Production Manager, Kathleen Courtney

San Francisco CA  2015


Production Coordinator: Upside Down Productions, Inc / Warner Bros.

San Andreas”  (Feature Film)

Executive Producer: Rob Cowan

Director: Brad Peyton

Unit Production Manager, Kathleen Courtney

San Francisco CA  2014


Production Coordinator: Frederick & Ashbury, LLC                                        

“Quitters”  (Feature Film)

Director, Noah Pitzker

Line  Producer, Debbie Brubaker

San Francisco CA  2013


Plate Unit Production Coordinator: Nautilus Productions US, LLC / Warner Bros. Godzilla  (Feature Film)

Unit Production Manager, LeeAnn Stonebreaker

Plate Unit Production Manager, Luc Etienne

San Francisco CA  2013


Production Coordinator: Perdido Productions, Inc                                           

Blue Jasmine (Feature Film)

Producer, Helen Robin

Director, Woody Allen

San Francisco CA  2012


Production Coordinator: Knife Fight, LLC                                                                                   

Knife Fight (Feature Film) 

Producers, Catherine Davila and Daniel Davila

Director, Bill Guttentag

Production Manager, Debbie Brubaker

San Francisco CA  2011


Production Manager: Scrap and Taffy Productions                                                                       

Sniff (Feature Film)                  

Producer, Kim Webster

Director, Barry Stone

San Francisco Bay Area, CA  2009 





Production Coordinator: Bonanza Productions / Warner Bros.

Alcatraz, Episode 13 (Broadcast Television Show) 2nd Unit

Producer, Bob Williams

Production Manager, Debbie Brubaker

San Francisco, CA  2012


Production Coordinator: Profiles Television Productions / NBC

Escape Routs, Episode 5 & 6 (Broadcast Television Show) SF Unit

Field Producer, Pooneh Zandazma

San Francisco, 2012


Production Coordinator: WoodRidge Productions / Sony Pictures

17th Precinct (NBC TV Pilot) 2nd Unit

Executive Producer, Ronald D Moore

Producer, JP Finn,

Production Manager, Debbie Brubaker

San Francisco, CA  2011


Production Coordinator: Long Pond Media / RelativityReal

Miss Advised (BRAVO Reality TV Show)

Production Manager (LA), Adam Krueckeberg 

San Francisco, CA  2011 






Production Manager/Post Production Producer: B Hamady Productions

Kaiser Perminemte (National Broadcast Commercial DRTV Campaign, 2013-2014)

Bruce Hamady, Director

Bob Ging, Editor

San Francisco, CA  2011 


Production Coordinator / 2nd AD: Storefront Political Media

NVI (Political Commercial)

Debbie Brubaker, Producer

Hunt Burdick and Eric Jaye, Directors

San Francisco, CA  2011 


Production Coordinator: Carleson Production Group

Florastor Because It Works (:30 National Broadcast Commercial)

Michele Dennis, Producer

Todd Heyman, Director

Debbie Brubaker, Production Manager

San Francisco Bay Area, CA  2010


Production and Post Production Coordinator: Post Office Editorial

Quigley Simpson

          Production Coordinator

                            Chase Freedom Backwards (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial)  2010

Procter and Gamble - Dawn Dish Soap (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial)  2008

LasikPlus Testimonials (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial)  2008

Bella and Burch (Broadcast Infomercial)  2007

          Post Production Coordinator

                            Chase Sapphire Any, Any, Any (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial) 2010

                            Chase Sapphire Lucky Card Holder (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial) 2010

                            Chase Sapphire Guarantee (:30, :60, :90 Broadcast Commercial) 2010

Warner Bros Diamond Dallas Page’s YRG (Broadcast Infomercial)  2008


Production Coordinator: One World Communications 

USDA Invasive Pests Campaign (:30, :15 Broadcast Commercial)

Michele Dennis, Producer

Ted Jenkins and Todd Godwin, Directors

San Francisco Bay Area, CA  2009



Corporate / Industrial


Producer: Intel Studios


Producer: Post Office Editorial                                               





ARIS Align 

Serena Software 



Production Manager / Line Producer: Lightly Held Films                                                                       



Production Manager /Line Producer:  Mortarotti • Ramirez Productions                                                     



Adorn Brides

Yes on Prop G


Production Manager: John McNeil Studios


Juniper Networks


CA Technologies

NorCal Waste / Recology Inc Recology


Production Coordinator: The Kenwood Group




Production Coordinator: Total Media Group



Production Coordinator: Left Coast Productions


San Ramon City


Production Coordinator: Carleson Production Group



Additional Freelance Professional Experience


B Hanady Productions

Casting Director



By Any Means Necessary

The Motto (Music Video)

Artist: Drake, Lil Wayne, Tyga, E-40, Too Short and Lil Twist


Carleson Production Group

Awards Banquet Coordinator

Clients include: Stryker and Cadence Pharmaceuticals


Total Media Group

Awards Banquet Coordinator

Clients include: Stryker


Monolithworks Productions

Operations Coordinator


Mid Coast TV

Camera Operator



Staff Work Experience


The Big Picture Film and Video Arts, Inc                   2007 - 2008

Clients through out the United States included: Ernst & Young, Copart, SanDisk and Ackerman McQueen.


Monster Cable                                                                              2007

Programs used include: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, FileMaker Pro and Canto Cumulus


American Media Group                                                          2005 - 2006

Clients included: Cisco Systems, VVP Productions, Marlow Pugnetti Productions, Neale-May Agency, Intel, San Jose Grand Prix and The Monterey Bay Aquarium.